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UK Van Imports is a unique UK commercial vehicle purchasing service from UK Car Imports.

In simple terms there are a number of big UK weekly Commercial van Auctions where all the best UK stock gets sold.

These are

Manheim: Haydock

Manheim: Gloucester

Manheim: Leeds

BCA: Measham

BCA: Bellevue

BCA: Blackbushe

We have two van buyers in the UK who attend these sales for us every week. They have over twenty years experience buying commercial vehicles and know exactly what they are looking at.

If you want to buy a van in the UK you first have to register with us. We require a refundable deposit if you are going to bid. By refundable we mean you get it back with no quibbles whenever you want it but it can take 3-4 Auction sales before you buy the van you want.

Once registered to buy you can discuss with our UK buyers what you are after. We have a system where you can log in and view vans online before the sale. However condition on vans can vary massively which is why we only know how good a van is when its been personally inspected.

Once the buyers know what you want to buy they will give you a call from the auction and tell you what they would recommend.

For example if you tell the buyers you want a 2010 Ford Transit 350 RWD Long Wheelbase in either a high or medium roof they will give you a call and let you know whats available. Vans come back off lease in batches so you could have thirty similiar Transits to choose from in the one sale. The buyer will check them all and tell you which ones are worth bidding on and why.

The buying is all your call. You tell them what you are willing to pay and what condition is acceptable for you. You can even place a number of bids but tell the buyer you only want the one that comes in at your budget. Our buyers buy for major Van retailers and exporters and can give you full guidance on prices.

Our buyers are on the look out for crashed/clocked and hacked vans. Some days the stock wont be good enough and they will tell you, but with Six major auctions a week you will soon get the perfect van.

Once a van is purchased we take care of getting it transported and shipped back to Ireland. We get great rates on shipping because of our buying power. We also have Platinum and National buyer auction accounts with BCA and Manheim so we get the best possible trade buying fees. If you walked into an auction to buy a van with cash you would get hit with a huge buying fee.

We are fully VAT registered so we take care of the UK vat and issue you an Invoice with the correct Irish VAT.

We organise the VRT for you if you want and thats it.

Its a simple process that offers you real choice in the used van market. UK vans are considerably better condition than Irish vans so you get choice and quality.

Give us a ring or send us an email and we will get you set up right away.


We only purchase assured auction vehicles from BCA and Manheim.

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